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Domain Renting

Renting or leasing a domain is usually a simple process that doesn’t take much time. Renters can rent or lease domain names to get access to premium (high value) names without the high upfront costs of normal sales.

If you own a good domain name, you will not want to give it away so easily. Renting/leasing out a domain name seems to be an alternative solution: hoping that it will increase in value, and in the meantime  generate a regular and handsome income.

Our system would create a landing page for your domain, to appeal to those who might be interested in renting it.

Prospective buyers will be able to find your contact information if they’re interested in your domain.

For a faster and direct approach, you could also list your domain at an auction.

Renting Domain related Email Address

Domain Renting or Leasing

Another  technique which is somewhat similar to ‘rank
and rent’ is to buy a domain name and then rent out
the name-related email address.
For this you would choose geo-specific or product-specific domains. Each
domain would have a related email address and that email address could
be of value to relevant local businesses. Here’s some examples:
For example – if you own the domain ‘’ you could then
rent out the email addresses –
4. etc.

Domain names ownership can be like a piece of real estate. As the landlord, you can legally, rent out the domain name , put your website on it, offer a third party the opportunity to place his website there, or not to place any website at all.

There are few possible arrangemets, such as :

  1. Pure rental
  2. Rent to purchase